What Makes a Man

I was walking by the trolley yesterday bumped into a tall guy, even though I said excuse me. he gave me an elbow so I shoved him into a wall he squared up I walked away knowing that two trolley cops are always  by the trolley. When a  tall Mexican man and a “shortish” black guy fight and the cops arrest both nobody wins in my opinion I got to much to loose(Baby on the way first year of university). He then proceeded to call me some names, I walked away and thought of one thing, does this make me less of a man. Often times I feel like our society is there not to empower individuals but to restrain them from resorting to their base needs. If I fight some people would see me as a man but others would say since I cant control myself I am not a man. “Manliness” is a difficult subject to define my favorite movie fight club delves into the modern age mans struggle to cope with manhood.  I want to base my book also on a man’s struggle to “claim” his manhood,  I also just purchased Chuck Palahniuk’s book Fight Club and purchasing his comic Fight Club 2.


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