Jason Pendant, son of Uther Pendant, Brother to Beatrice Pendant. I work in a small shop across from Theo steel alongside my neighbor and long time friend Brada who alone represents his family Mace. I am a dwarf and in order to survive in our culture you must develop a trade, this allows individuals citizen ship. Developing a trade will only afford you the opportunity for a “family”. A family our a set of individuals who make the best quality good, for instance if they made the best necklace that would become their name. Families work for the three great families smiths who can enchant items, or craft in elements or inscriptions. My family is in contintion right now with a “no name”, who has begun making high quality Pendant and selling them cheaper to current enchanters we work for Orthon.

Their once was a troll named Musa who lived under a bridge. He was happy for he had all that he needed food comfort and shade. Many other trolls lusted for the sweet taste meat humans, goats, bears, pigs, it dd not matter. They would hold large campaigns to attain food to sate their fat bellies. Sure their were other industries but all were to further conquest over territory in order to feed the greedy troll king, Bevy. Musa was not amongst them he was happy. He had all he needed a couple of trout and shad was all that he intended. He held himself to four fish a day along with an assortment of mushrooms or occasionally grubs he would find along the road. Then t came to pass that under a bridge a beautiful nymph arose from the water as Musa was fishing, she appeared fearful as she arose believing this was a safe spot. Musa made no attempt to eat her as frankly nymphs did not taste any better then he element they were composed of. She then sat next to hm asking f she could partake in one of the four fish. With a hmm he through a trout her way slapping the nymph in her watery face. Despite nymphs beautiful appearance they were omnivorous an partook of animals just the same. My name is Dele what is yours most gracious troll…..


Hopefully I can put all my ideas on paper so I can truly begin developing a better book. I am going to start asking what other people think a man truly is. Me being a sociology major( I know this will help me in life somehow) I want to know what the public thinks a man is? and moreover I would like to know if men must prove them self in order to confirm their manhood and if so how do they prove that they are a man in this digital age? Of course this is assuming that most men want or need the approval of society to be called men or do they settle for a “lesser” or completely different title.


Today had trouble writing but I had a thought to change the man character from a slob to nervous wreck. I want to make the typical heroes journey but I don’s know how to make it interesting. It seems alot of people draw readers in through making things interesting maybe its their style or rhythm but t just draws you in sometimes

Also jealous of the guy who will draw my cover art, I am cursed with an imagination that would blow Dr. Seus mind but I cant seem to bring it into realty the way an artist can, but such is life….